Focusing on the culture you create in your workplace is essential for cultivating the best staff, and for keeping them with your company. “As many as one million people per day miss work because of stress. Studies suggest that all of this translates into a loss of anywhere from $150 billion to $300 billion annually for U.S. employers.”


Nonprofit Organizations 


1.Did you achieve your company’s mission this year?

2. Are your performance metrics linked to your mission?

3. Metrics could include fund-raising performance, membership growth, and market share; metrics for staff performance, the number of people served by a particular program and the number of projects that an organization completes. 


1. Are you struggling to engage and motivate staff?

2. Are you having difficulty managing employees of different generational backgrounds and learning styles?

3. Do you want to create a a more inclusive environment?

4. Do you want to shift communication processes and feedback to ensure staff meets performance goals and further develops new skills? 


1. Are you spending time and money on teacher retention

2. Do you have a difficult time motivating staff when school resources are tight?

3. Are your teachers reporting that they often feel out of the loop when changes occur? 

4. Are you providing continuous feedback to teachers, so they feel empowered while providing the best practices?