1. Goal Setting- 

Map out your 3 year plan and learn how to write clearly defined, easily measurable, attainable, and motivating goals that will show you a clearer path to your dream career.  Learn techniques to improve ways you can accomplish each goal, and how to be more successful with long term plans. 


2. Effective Leadership Strategies-

Acquire 7 tools that allow you to lead others even if you aren’t the “boss.” Learn how to be an effective communicator and team player, while encouraging others to be their best.


3. Managing Negative People- 

Often we are presented with organizational hurdles that often leave us powerless.  Learn strategies and acquire tools to redirect those negative behaviors, and reduce how others may impact you and your trajectory.


4. Negotiating-

Learn basic strategies and theories on how to be an effective negotiator.  Many of us don’t realize it, but we negotiate for things everyday. Learn some basic strategies and tactics with repeated practice for feedback and reflection.  Don't let an opportunity go because you didn't initiate a negotiation, plan your interests and position.  A lack of preparation can play a greater role over fear when advocating for yourself. 


5. Networking and Mentoring-

In a recent study I conducted for a project at Harvard University, networking and mentorship were important variables in expanding opportunities for women in leadership roles.  These connections and networks provided a sustainable system that allowed women to not only stay in their fields beyond their mid-career point, but allowed them to negotiate for higher level positions.